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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get to meet our walker before starting service?
We don't want a stranger coming into our home and caring for our pup so why would you? That's why, before commencing any service, we come to your home for a little meet and greet. We bring with us a thorough questionnaire to help us get to know you, the parents, and your four-legged kid(s). The purpose of the meet and greet is two-fold: 1) to give you peace of mind that you know who is caring for your pet each and every day and 2) to let us begin a trusting relationship with your pet as we learn all about his/her idiosyncracies...both the good and bad!

What are my options if I am leaving town?
A lot of parents prefer to leave their dog at home while away. If this is the case, we schedule multiple vists/day to your home and we walk, feed and provide love and care. We can also sleep over if necessary.

Do you need keys to my house?
Yes, for no other reason than we don't like the risk involved in relying on a hidden key or a key that is not guaranteed to work. All keys in our possession are tested prior to our first visit to guarantee entry. Trust us....there is nothing worse than having a pup inside who needs to pee and we can't get in! 

What are the benefits of dog walking over daycare?
Not all dogs love the playgroup thing. Our pup is definitely one of them; the energy of a large group of new friends causes anxiety. Poor guy. Plus, the raucousness and lack of individualized attention can reinforce bad behavior in some pups. Additionally, pups in daycare, while enjoying romping and playing, are also exposed to many common doggie illnesses which can be harmful and contagious. Still, some parents like to mix it up (some days at playgroup, some with a walker) and that's cool too.

Is there a minimum number of walks required each week?

Do you offer services for pets other than dogs?
Sure do. Need someone to check-in on your feline friend while you're away....no problem. We will change the litter box, feed, provide fresh water and, oh yea, give 'em some love!

Can you administer medication?
Sure can. We have you fill out a medication permission slip (including veterinarian contact information) at our meet and greet. This way, your pet can continue on the medical regimen when you are away.

Can I change my walking needs each week?
Yup, no problem. Most people ask for a recurring schedule but we also know that schedules change ALL the time.  Just let us know what you need and we will do our best to accomodate you and your pup.

How do I schedule walks?
Text or email works but you can also book online. After our Meet and Greet, and once your information is input into the system, you will receive a login password which enables you to book, cancel and change your service requests online. Regardless of whichever way you choose to manage your services, you will always receive confirmation of your bookings and/or cancellations.

How do I pay for services?
We accept cash, check or credit card and ask for payment on the last day of your service week (usually Friday). If paying by cash or check, feel free to leave the payment for your walker to scoop up, otherwise you are welcome to keep a credit card on file with us and we will charge it accordingly.

What is your cancellation policy?
Services cancelled later than 9pm the night before a scheduled visit are subject to 75% of the original charge.
There is a 100% charge should we show up for service and service is not needed.

What areas do you serve?
Primarily Dorchester and South Boston and without stretching ourselves too far, we also service parts of Milton. 

Will my dog be walked alone or in a group?
Up to you. Some dogs walk better with a pal (and plus, they get some socialization without being in an overwhelming daycare environment). You should see some of the friendships (and significant-other relationships!) that have developed on our route. Pretty darn cute! But, we don't walk in massive packs. How UNenjoyable would that be? We are talking 3 dogs tops. 

How can I be assured that my walker actually came?
Every new client receives a Dog Diary which is filled out daily....by your pup! 

Can I talk to other clients to get a reference?
Sure thing. Just ask and we will give you some willing doggie parents to contact.

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